Highlights 2020

Virtual Reality

Fly with a helicopter over the surface of Mars or fly around the comet Tschrujumov-Gerassimenko. Dive into the flow field of a mantle convection simulation. All this is possible through the pariticipation of VR2Planets and the Leibniz Rechenzentrum in the Exhbition area!

Music by Steve Reich

Steve Reich (*1936) is considered one of the pioneers of minimal music. His style of composing bears some formal resemblance to data processing. During the Opening ceremony the two percussionists  Hiromi Shigeno and Moe Fukuda (Music Conservatory Karlsruhe) will play with  two marimbas music by Steve Reich and others. (Foto: Wikipedia).


Even though Mars is seismically surprisingly quiet the  INSIGHT Project putting a seismometer on Mars can be considered a tremendous success. A year of data has been analysed and there are quite some surprises! All this at the  public evening lecture with Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun (Foto: NASA).